Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Everything Summer Should Be

A few sets of siblings, a group of good friends, a hot sunny day, an empty smooth lake, and a boat with room enough for us all. 
An early start and no deadlines, the day lazily stretched out in front of us with possibility.
Two old friends strolled memory lane and remembered the infants and toddlers that are now almost full grown adults and tried to make sense of their rapid progression while we hadn't aged a day. Or so we'd like to imagine.
The sun warmed and then browned our smiling faces
The wind blew through our hair
and the music played
We talked, we danced and we listened
and sometimes we just stopped and swam

In the comfort of good friends our truest selves shine through
In those cherished moments the best memories are made
The laughter was consistent as my sons shamelessly transformed into a boy band and sampled all of Lauren's favorite dance moves while Justin held on for dear life

 And then of course the girls were not to be out done.
 We danced across the lake as the sun slid across the sky and the hours slipped by
We reveled in the sweetest comeback in the history of ever and effortlessly devoured two bags of powdery melt in your mouth goodness that Hostess calls Donettes.
Kara and Drew bonded as her name was imprinted onto his ring finger
There were dance lessons on board and favorite songs shared
 We wake boarded and tubed til our muscles were sore and our hands were tired and some of us felt our age.
At the end of the day our hearts were full and content.
We were lazy and spent, with pink cheeks, tan legs, and smiling faces
It had been everything a day at the lake should be. Everthing easy. Everything fun. Everything lazy with nothing else to be done. 
Everything summer should be.

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