Tuesday, September 3, 2013

At Last

Since Spring break I'd been craving a good beach day. I mean a full day with sunshine and relaxing. We got in a quick kinda crazy half day on my moms birthday, and then spent a few days in the wet overcast cold coast a few weeks ago. The latter just left me craving a real beach day even more than before.  Once I found a date that worked for us, nothing was going to keep me away from my beach day.  Not even kids who wouldn't wake up or a husband with a big trial coming up.  We left home bright and early.  My travel companions were not quite as excited as I was.
I was more than pleasantly surprised that when we arrived in Cayucos it was still bright and early.  No marine layer overcast for the morning! It was a beautiful day!
My niece Briannah had come home from the Bohn reunion with us and she was so excited to have a fun day at the beach too.  That girls gorgeous smile was on all week long.  Love her!
We were also joined by lots of friends
The Smiths 

plus Kylie

The Salways

I love this sweet picture I caught of Chris and Jackson!
Soldani's were already there with family but came down and joined us for the day
The McCauley Fam

The Arnolds

The West family

The Patteson family came a little later and left a little earlier and somehow I missed them in all of my picture taking frenzy except for in the shots of the whole big group on the beach.  With all of these fun families there the kids were all in heaven!  There were friends for all the teenagers

all the little ones
And even the almost teenagers had a crew
We took up some serious real estate on the beach!
We played in the waves
the kids and the grown ups

Wes and Briannah did a little exploring

They found lots of little treasures
Eric indulged the littles in a little whiffle ball game

One of the things Brynne loves best about the beach at Cayucos is the swing set right in the sand.  We were excited to see that they had added to that a whole jungle gym out there!
My heart was touched as I walked past and saw Drew taking care of Brynne helping her climb across the rings.
He is such a sweetheart.
The swings aren't just for the little kids though
Briannah brought me back to my childhood when she showed the kids how to do a real dismount from the swings

Garrett gave it a try too
It looked like so much fun 
I was itching to give it a go but chickened out
Brynne cracked me up as she discussed things with Jason
and explained the finer points in life to Brenda and Caleb
As the day wore on families began to pack up and head out but these guys wanted a last bit of fun with the holes that the kids had been working on all day
Kylie and Alli volunteered to get buried
Aaron decided he'd better get in on things to make sure they were completely covered

We had worked up an appetite and were ready for our favorite Cayucos grub at Duckies
There were only four families left with us when we headed over but getting seating for us all was pure luck! The food, especially that garlic bread were the BEST!
The kids all had a blast
It was a perfectly perfect day at the beach
It was the day I'd been wanting all summer long
at last!

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