Thursday, August 29, 2013

Come on Down!

I have fond memories of sitting in my grandmas living room eating sugared cereals on a vinyl table cloth watching game shows while my grandma sat on the couch getting her ironing done with the board at its very shortest setting.  She watched several, but The Price is Right was always a favorite.  
A few weeks ago my friend Brandi asked if I would join her on a little trip to LA to go to the taping and cross our fingers we'd be selected to be contestants.  I hadn't seen the show in years, but it sounded like fun to me!  We left this last Monday evening and drove down to our hotel.  We had to be at the CBS Studios at 8:00 am.  We mostly just waited around all morning in a line sitting on benches chatting with each other and those around us.  It was some fun people watching to be sure.  It was 5 hours of people watching with an occasional little task like giving info so we could get our name tags, signing a quick consent waiver, Taking this gem of a picture in front of the wheel, turning in our cell phones, and a group interview. 
They seated each group in different places in the audience and Brandi and I were thrilled with our front row seats. I was directly next to the last of the 4 contestants.  They never did call our names to come on down, but with where we were seated we are certain to be getting lots of screen time.  I hope I do't look like a total tool because by the time we got in there we were pretty friendly with  a lot of the people who ended up as contestants.  I was genuinely exctied for them, but they kept telling us to clap more scream louder,  scream longer.  By the time we were done taping I had broken a blood vessel in my pinky finger, I was hoarse, and we were both exhausted!! It was a fun day, a great trip and we were glad we went, but I don't know that I need a round two of that. Too much time waiting around could only be worth it if I heard them say,"Jen Bohn, come on down! You're the next contestant on The Price is Right!"  

 *Our daytime TV debut is scheduled for October 15th


Aaron and Devon said...

Tawna and I went to the price is right show in college one too! It was so fun!

Melanie said...

My friends and I went to the Price is Right in college and after waiting in line FOREVER, they came over the loud speaker and said that for the second time in history they were going to cancel the show. We were set to be in the second taping of the day and after the first taping, Bob Barker had lost his voice and couldn't continue. :( One of the biggest bummers ever!!! It was not too long after the movie Happy
Gilmore had come out so of course, everyone kept saying, (read: majorly overusing), "I hate that Bob Barker!"

Tawna said...

Yeah, Dev and I went with a few friends and it was fun. The studio looks much smaller in real life that it seems like on T.V.! Sweet that you got to sit in the front row. But Bob Barker was so mean to the people off-air when we were there. Maybe a bad day? His Happy Gilmore personality, we joked, was more true to life than we'd hoped to find out.