Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bohn Reunion 2013

The Ted and Sherry Bohn Family Bohn Reunion 2013 was in Park City this year.
It has been years since we've seen so many of Todd's girls. All three of the triplets were there and Tiphanie too!

Ted and Sherry were loving having so many of their grandkids together
Whenever we are with Jeff's family he falls into his role of tickle monster with all of the nieces and nephews.
My boys took the opportunity to get in some good grandpa time
Todd Bohn Todd Forbush and and Jeffs big sister Trina 
Todd and Ashlie
The family just hanging out in the condo

The kiddos loved the hot tub out back.
Most of the crew on the first day before Todd and his girls left
The next set of pictures are from my run the next morning.  It was amazing. I kept stopping and looking around in awe at my surroundings!
I ran up the trails at the ski resort and it was absolutely gorgeous.  I am certain I haven't run on trails as beautiful ever before! 
It felt so dang good to get up to the top of the trail I was taking where I met up with my niece Briannah
We ran through these amazing trees

then down through the ski trails

We felt like champs by the time we had wrapped up our 10 mile run
Back at the condo everyone was getting ready for a fun day at the Alpine slides
Specer and Ilah's daughter Briannah came with us 
Jeffs two sisters with their families
Briannah and Brynne

View of the slides from the lift

I love the gorgeous Aspen up there!
Spence embracing his inner 10 year old!


The Rowans


Everyone was done after the slides but we coudln't get enough.  We kept Annah with us and gave the ziplines a go!

This zip line was sooo long and soooooo fun!!

Brynne wasn't big enough for the zip lines so she went with Sharisse and her girls to the trampolines and didn't feel like she was missing out one bit!
Next up was the Alpine coaster!

I got to ride with Brynne and she is such a little dare devil! she kept telling me to make it go faster and faster until we were FLYING down that track!
By the time we left we all agreed that this ranked as one of the most fun days we have had as a family!
Back at the condo everyone gathered around after dinner for a message from Grandpa Bohn followed by a talent show.

Brynne got some good snuggles in with Grandpa while the others were performing

We were even treated to a surprise dance from Ryan when his girls played a fast paced number on their violins!
Spences family sang for us
Lauren played the guitar and sang
Drew and Brynne represented our family with a song and a dance. 
Two of Trina's kids sang for us as well.  Those Bohn's have one musically gifted family.
We wrapped up the night with several fun rounds of reverse charades
I think the highlight of the trip for Brynne was time with Sharisse's girls Cambri and Brookie they were like the three amigos and never one with out the others.
Before we left Park City we had a lady snap a few pictures of the family 

And thats a wrap for the reunion of 2013!

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