Saturday, August 3, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This girl right here had the sweetest idea when she found out a friend was having her first girl after all boys.
She sent out a message to a bunch of us inviting us to come decorate the outside of our friends house in anything pink!
We were giggling like a bunch of 13 year old girls as we parked around the corner and then made our way over to their house
She asked me to bring my camera to take pictures but my battery died on my good camera and all I had was my iPhone.
I was having such a hard time getting the pictures to focus in the dark so I had to keep retaking the same one.
All the flashing finally caught the attention of her husband and he came walking up to the front door. We all scrambled across the street, flip flops loudly slapping the pavement and all of us feeling our age.
All except the two Susies and Erin who somehow lost her phone on thier front lawn! 
We were cracking up as they crouched behind cars and garbage cans and waited until after our friend came out with her husband to see our decorating skills.
Finally the coast was clear and we were able to text the phone so that it would light up on the grass and was found.  
It's been years since I have done anything for TPing other than occasionally driving and I forgot how fun it is!  We thought our secret was safe when we left that night, but somehow our friend found out exactly who had been there. Oh well, at least it means I can share our fun night on here!  

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