Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quick Trips

The first weekend in August was a whirl wind of quick trips for us.
Thursday night we headed up to Livermore where we went bowling with Carter and Cameron and the kids.  We all stayed up way too late as usual just hanging out and enjoying each other.
By 5:30 the next morning we were on our way to the Oakland airport to catch a flight to Provo.  I think this is our third trip this summer on one of these Allegiant flights into Provo and I absolutely LOVE it! Okay maybe I don't love how early the day has to start in order to make the flight, but seriously these two airports are the easiest to fly in and out of. 
 Each time we have flown we have had people we know on our flights. This trip the Halvorson family was on our flight.  The picture above with them and my boys is the Provo baggage claim area! Yes, it's really just an outdoor covered carport, but since there is just one flight coming or going at a time here its all they need and it's super fast and efficient.  Okay enough rambling about it, but  really take my word for it, it's the best.
 After picking up our rental car we found out we didn't need to be to Park City until much later in the day.  We also found out our good friends Talli and Jeremy were in town with their family. Within minutes plans were made to bring all the kids to Tara's and pizzas were ordered for them while the 5 of us headed out to Cafe Rio. Shocking choice, I know.  We were so sad Jason had a lunch meeting he couldn't get out of at work!
 On our way home from lunch a few shops caught our attention and we got a little distracted doing a bit of shopping.  By the time we were done we were all needing a soda and had a mad sweet tooth hankering.  I had heard from a friend in Utah about dirty diet cokes and how they were all the rage. I saw a place where we could go through a drive through and get them and it was perfect timing.  And what do you know, they also sold cookies. Fabulous pink frosted shortbread/sugar cookies.  As for the dirty diet cokes, they are THE BEST!!! The three of us kept looking at each other with big stupid grins across our faces after each sip.  We couldn't get over how YUMMY our drinks were!  (In fact I think the drinks deserve their own post. I'll do that one tomorrow)
 Garrett and Zack had sooo much fun hanging out together the Poulsens asked if we would switch Garrett's flight so that instead of coming home with us on Monday he could stay with Zack in Utah until Friday. 
These kids had a blast together too but poor Abby still gets relentlessly teased about marrying Drew someday.
These little amigos are a total crack up together. They spent the afternoon in a fort made of sheets and blankets across Ashlyn's room!
Spending this day together was so stinking fun!  Not that we did anything out of the ordinary, but it was just so nice to spend time with my sister and these friends who are just like family to us.  It just felt like home.
So we had a  quick visit with Carter followed by a quick day with this group.  Two fun trips and we hadn't even made it to our destination and reason for coming in the first place, the Bohn family reunion, and the weekend was already off to the best start!

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