Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's About Who You're With!

I know you've gotta be tired of the lake posts by now, but it's not really about what we're doing but who we're with.  Not complaining about the smooth water and fun activity though...
Tara came for a visit at the same time as Kristin and Maryanne and it was one of the last days we had Carter with us so it's a day that had to be documented.
Two of my cute boys

Ashlyn getting down to some Maklemore 
Happy people
Love having Austin around again

Love that smiling face!
I just wanna eat Paiges cheeks!

Jeff has created his own version of wake surfing
He likes to use it like a wakeboard and jump the wake

Look at those pretty blue eyes!

Drew working on his jumps
Tara and I aren't the only ones who miss Kristin, the kids can't get enough of her!
Look how awesome that water is!
and  I'm getting better at my jumps!

And the surprise on my face when I cleared the wake for the first time ever!
My gorgeous sister, who hates how she looks right now and yet manages to be one of the most photogenic people I know!
My cute boy who turns 21 on Saturday
We loved that Nan shared him with us this summer while he worked with Jeff
He is so dang fun to be around and constantly had all of us laughing and smiling!
Loved having time for the kids to spend time with him and strengthen their relationships 
Kristin and Maryanne can't believe how much the kids have grown. They have both been around since Brynne was about 18 months! 
My little monkey
This pretty girl always has a smile on her face! Love her!
Okay we all do! They're like big sisters to all the kids. 
This last picture of Jess cracks me up.  She was the only girl around all week. She had fun, but wasn't always amused by the boys ;)
So yes another lake post, but more importantly a post with pictures of one of my favorite days with some of my favorite people.

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