Friday, August 23, 2013

Hope it's Happy Shelley!

Some people have a way of bringing out the funny in every situation
Some people know just how to make things beautiful
Some people keep it classy
Some call the shots
Some are like super heroes 
Some make you laugh harder than you ever have before
Some people are up for adventure
some take opportunities to find the beauty around us
Some help to give you a better perspective
Some run through life smiling
Some people have a grateful heart
Some people know how to make friends easily
There are some who will enjoy all the same things you do
and know how to have a good time doing them
Some people are the easiest travel companions
Some people aren't afraid to dive in and figure things out
Some people are beautiful inside and out
Some people just make you happy
Some people don't take themselves too seriously
Only some people think it's fun to scramble up rocks and around rivers to get to the next waterfall
Some people were just made to run the show
Some people are so amazing you're just grateful you got to be along for part of the ride.
Sometimes people come into our lives and teach us things. About ourselves and about life. They lead by example and leave an impression on our hearts, their friendship irreplaceable. I know someone who is all of the above and today is her day.  I hope its perfect and fabulous. I hope she spends it laughing and loving. I hope today she gets a glimpse of how much she is loved by so many.  Happy birthday to one of the best I know. 

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