Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Busy Brynne

As busy as we have been with projects at the house, I've been desperately trying not to make my kids feel like they've been gyped out of a fun summer
At the end of June we were lucky enough to have my niece Emily come visit us for almost 2 weeks. It was awesome because it kept Brynne happy and occupied.  One of the highlights of the visit were seeing Despicable Me 2.  Brynne had begged to see it on opening day and had been counting down to it for weeks.  
The show was adorable and so funny! I think Jeff and I enjoyed it just as much as the girls did!
I also loved watching how much fun these cute cousins have to together!
Wes and Kailey took them to Wild Water one day and they had a blast, but Brynne has decided she doesn't want to go back until she is 48" because of their new rule that you must be that tall to go on the rides regardless of how great a swimmer you are.
They loved taking turns sleeoing at our house and at my moms and spent lots of time swimming.  Emily even feels comfortable swimming in the deep end now!
After Emily left Brynne had a sleep over with Reagan.  They loved making brownies and having Jeff squirt ridiculous amounts of whipped cream into their mouths.
We also had a fun visit from Tara and her kids. 
One day we had a big storm pass through just minutes after Brynne and Ashlyn had gotten into the pool.  They didn't care how wet it was outside.  They just swam and swam.
We are down to the last two weeks of summer before school starts and I hope these are the moments Brynne remembers more than all the dusty hours working on the house!

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