Wednesday, August 14, 2013

These Are The Days

When I think back on this summer there will be certain days that will stand out in my mind.  This day was one of them.
 Yes it happened on the boat, but thats totally not what this day was about.
 It was about family
Watching Wes handle the boat with ease. Pulling wake boarders, surfers and kids on the tube.  He's responsible and he's dang cute!
 Loving the sunshine as we lazy around and listen to the giggles of the girls
 Swimming and floating and chatting as the hours drift by
 These two cracking us up and coming up with ideas to simplify life and change the world 
 playing with grandpa
 Cracking open cans of cold soda, singing along to our favorite tunes
 and just thoroughly enjoying the company we're in
 This is my family. We all have our quirks, but we love each other anyway. 
 We can sit in comfortable silence, or chat until the sun sneaks away behind the mountain tops. It doesn't really matter how we pass the hours, just that we are doing it together.
As the sky darkened and the horizon glowed orange, I was happy and at peace.  It was the end of an easy day.  A lazy lake day. A day of sweet moments, laughter, and fun, but mostly a day of family.  These are the days of summer that I will remember.

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