Friday, December 13, 2013

A Day at the Atlantis Bahamas

When we pulled in to the port at Nassau Bahamas ready for a day at the famed Atlantis Resort, it was raining. Not just a little mist or drizzle, but a downright downpour! 
We splashed through the port and crammed into a bus with a bunch of other very wet cruisers.  By the time we pulled up at the resort, the rain was letting up a little and we had been able to dry out a bit.
 It was fun to take in the opulence at the Hotel and the grandness of it all.  
Okay maybe I was the only one really taking it all in. Garrett was just on the look out for a large golden bull ready to give  out a nice back scratch, and what do you know, he found one! 
Jeff was exhausted and was sound asleep on the chairs immediately upon arrival.
These kids were already drenched so they figured they might as well get after the huge water park that was spread out in front of us.  
The rain was still intermittent, but that didn't bother them one bit.
First stop was the giant pyramid water slide that goes through a tunnel in the middle of a huge aquarium where there are more than a few HUGE sharks circling about.  
Could be super sketchy. Oh, but it's totally not.  Well maybe it is but you don't even have a second to ponder those sharks watching you slide through the middle of their dinner table.  Truth is you are just too darn busy trying to remember how to breathe!  Sure seems pretty basic, in and out right? Well the problem is that your lungs go on a temporary hiatus once you start sliding, I mean falling down the slide.  I tried to video myself going down it my first try. Big mistake. First of all, the only thing you see the whole time is my shoulder because my arms are crossed over my chest. Next you hear me nervously exclaiming whoa, whoa, whoaaaa! Thats the point where the breathing stops and you realize you're pretty much just falling straight down. But as soon as the slide kind of levels out you definitely get to suck in one good breath as you realize that if your legs arent crossed you are going to be digging your swimsuit out of your cheeks for days!  You're moving so fast that you realize it's too late to do a thing about it now, so you continue to hold your breath and hope for the best and then all of a sudden you're thrust into a pool of water and it's over.  See how there was absolutely zero time in there to worry about the sharks? Yeah.
Pretty much the rest of the park was closed down still because of the weather though, so we all kept warm in the hot tub.

Finally they gave the signal that things were going to start opening up.  The one thing all of us were excited to try out was the lazy river.  We all ended up waiting around for another 15 minutes though until they finally let us loose.  Look at all these kids we were responsible for! What a crew!
That lazy river was awesome  but the best was seeing how much the kids loved it!

Brynne just wanted to go down the river over and over again.

So that's pretty much what we did

Jeff even came out and joined us for a bit

Okay so not everyone loved it, but check out that awesome pout Peyton has going on!
Paige had been sick the night before so Tara got a late start to the resort, but when she came she took Brynne, Ashlyn and Paige of to the kiddie slides and jungle gym.
 They loved it!

The day felt short between the bus rides to and from the resort and all the time we spent waiting for the weather to be good enough for the resort to open the rides, so that when it was time to go, we knew we hadn't even explored half of it.  It was also hard to leave knowing this was our last port before arriving back in Florida.  We took a picture of each of the families on our way out.
The funny thing is that in each one somebody has something funny going on.  Ashlyn pouting.
Megan posing.
Drew with a nonchalant grin while pretending to choke Brynne and her playing dead. (Jeff had gone back to the ship early so we were down a man)
I dont remember what Maryn was really doing but it looks like she's helping Haley out with one of the "girls"! Too funny.
The skies were overcast still as the ship pulled away from the Bahamas and started heading toward home. None of us were quite ready for that yet.

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