Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I needed a pick me up today in the worst way. Usually writing helps to clear my head, but today I went for the pictures.  I finally got my printer/scanner set up in my sunroom so I put that thing to use and scanned all the pictures the the cruise photogs took of us on the cruise.  
One night we had lots of sickies in our various families so everyone was going ot bed kinda early. It was one of the nights that we had all gotten dressed up and we literally had nowhere to go. 
 So we decided to go pose at a bunch of the pre fabbed photo spots on one of the main decks of the ship.  Some of the photographers had specific things they wanted us to do.
Sometimes we had ideas of our own
Regardless we thought all of it was pretty hilarious and none of us could stop laughing!
I hate what I look like in the picture above but I bought it because you can tell how much fun we are having.
I'm sure no one else thought we were as silly as we did
 But we totally didn't care! We even went back for round two a couple nights later!
The best though was when we went to see our pictures the next day we stumbled across pictures of our kids who had also had the same bright ideas we had!
 Our boys were the social hub for the teenagers on the ship and had a huge group following with them whereever they went. It was so fun to see them in their element like that.
The various clubs for the teenagers were divided by age which sadly left Drew in a different group than the rest of the boys.  Tyler and Zack were both so protective of Drew and made sure someone was always hanging out with him if everyone else was in the teen club.  
 It's probably because that little dude is a charmer and he's hysterical!.
 All the pics of him and Zack were awesome but the two of them on the motorcycle are my favorites!
They could be scenes from one of my favorite movies ever Dumb and Dumber!
 The rest of the pics are from the dining room or when we were getting off the ship at different ports.  Probably I should have stuck them in the posts about those things, but whatever. I just scanned them in so here they are!

 LOVE Jeremy's photo bomb here

  I LOVE this picture of Brynne. (hate what I look like, but whatever) She was just sooo happy on the cruise. I loved it!
Such a great week with such good friends and my little family. I'm ready for another vacation!

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