Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Til We Meet Again...

 The ship was awesome.  
 The ports were fun.
 The weather was perfect and the beaches were dreamy.
 The kids had a blast and were so well behaved
Well, most of the time. I think my face here says it all, and my missing kids say the rest. 
But the real reason this week was one of the best we've ever had was because of who we were with.
 The friendships that these guys share with each other is priceless 
 The friendships that these guys have is timeless
 The lines of family and friendship easily blurred
 There is a security and comfort with friends who've been there through the thick and thin. 
The distance in space and time doesn't change a thing.
 We have been scattered far and wide
 So we treasure the days and the moments
 We hang on to the memories and continue to make more
So that we have plenty to cling to until the next trip!

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