Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good Friends are Good Medicine

I have been in need of a "pick-me -up" for a couple of weeks.  That need hit a peak at the beginning of this week.  I knew just who to call.  My good friend Michelle is the best medicine for a down day.  Michelle is one of the most loving and giving people I know.  From the moment you say hello she is full of compliments and enthusiasm.  Michelle can put a positive twist on just about anything and has such a fresh way of looking at life.  We share a love of running and the outdoors. We even love the same kinds of music, which has always been something that can pick my spirits up. Michelle also happens to live in L.A. which means the beach is never too far away.  I knew it was just what I needed!

Tuesday night with my music blaring I headed off to LA.   I got there late and Michelle and I stayed up even later chatting in the hot tub into the wee hours of the morning.  We got up early and headed over to an intense kickboxing class, then off to an italian sandwich cafe to pick up lunch to bring to the beach.  We spent the day reading, talking, and napping in the sand listening to the waves.  We ended up back at her gorgeous house nestled into the hills, enjoying the pool and the hot tub again.  Driving home I felt a little lighter, and full of gratitude for the difference a good friend can make.  

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Carie said...

I love dear friends. Especially if they live near the beach and have access to a hot tub.

Anytime you need another pick me up: Come to Missouri!

(love your shirt in the picture)