Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thrill Rides

Any day on the lake is a good day.  I love sitting in the back of the boat, surrounded by family and friends, the smell of crisp fresh air and a hint of coconutty sun screen, music playing, the wind blowing in my hair.

Some rides are spent holding the flag , watching as others take their turns behind the boat. 

The youngest ones usually falling  asleep,

While the oldest ones battle it out for who goes next, 

and begging the driver to make big waves that either come into the boat or launch the person behind it high into the air. 

We all love jumping into the water and cooling off between turns.

The thrill rides are the ones at the end of the rope with the back of the boat in sight. Over the years I have enjoyed that ride in so many different ways. The first was wearing two skis starting when I was 7 years old and wearing just one a few years after that. Some like it best strapped to a knee board.  

My youngest kids love being pulled on our big inflatable we call "the taco".  My favorite are the ones where someone else is out there with you!

But really, any ride is a good ride!

This summer we learned how to ride the wave behind the boat, 

sometimes without the rope! 

My kids even tried this ride, 

some with a little assistance from our good friend Aaron.  

I love driving home after the sun has set, muscles a little sore, cheeks a little pink, 

heads a little sleepy, 

faces tight from smiling,

 and relationships a little closer. 


Heather said...

Looks like so much fun! I love Wake Surfing - it is my favorite.

Carie said...

wish we were there!

Katie said...

Those pictures are wonderful!! Looks like so much fun.