Friday, August 14, 2009

Under The Big Top

The Hurd Family Reunion at Bear lake was just like a three ringed circus!  Willie the clown even joined us for the week providing hours of entertainment for the kids while they attended "clown school".   The refreshments for the week included an unlimited supply of snow cones and cotton candy!
In the morning while the kids were occupied my dad and his sisters and mom and dad had a chance to catch up.  They sorted through old family photos, putting names and dates with faces. We had a good time reconnecting with our cousins as well.

When clown school was out we headed over to lake.  The kids loved digging in the sand, finding shells on the shore, canoeing and kayaking in the lake, and playing in the water.  

The entertainment on night two was Karaoke!  The Armstrong sisters did a soulful rendition of Cher's Do You Believe in Life After Love.  Brynne sang Go Diego Go, Pete rocked Vanilla Ice and the boys brought down the house with YMCA.

The highlight however was our last night at the circus, featuring all our little ones, aunt Bev the MC and Willie the clown.  My little Brynne started off the show with this number!

In between the kids acts Uncle Bob showed off his juggling skills, and David wowed the crowd with his mad skills on the pogo stick!
When the tents came down it was raining and 45 degrees outside! We were ready to head back home to bask under the hot California sun!  See ya next year...

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