Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cancun Aye, Aye, Aye!

Two weeks ago we snuck out of town and ran off to Mexico with our good friends the Poulsens.  Cancun actually.  We did some pretty cool things while we were there. So cool that they'll need blog posts of their own.  They're coming, but first I'll just set the stage and show you where we were.  RIU Palace was home for the week.  It looked like a big European building on the outside and even more so, inside the lobby.

We spent lots of time here in this lobby kinda camped out because it was the only place in the entire hotel that you could get internet service.  And since our phones wouldn't work, it was the only way we could stay in touch with the outside world, you know, the one where our kids and jobs were...

Our room was situated on the front part of the hotel so the entire wall opposite the doors to our rooms looked out over this bay at the rest of Cancun.  

I never did get used to the humidity or the smell that settles in after prolonged exposure to the moisture that was in the hotel, but our room was pretty nice and quite spacious. We had large entry way a big bathroom and closet, the area where our bed was and then down a few steps to a sitting area.  

My favorite thing though was our view from the balcony.  The beautiful pool and grounds on the back side of the hotel were nothing to complain about. 

 The view of the ocean and the lights of Isla Mujeres were incredible, but the sunsets here were an amazing sight to witness!

Here is one from our little beach just in front on the hotel pools.

The clouds made the colors seem even more intense.  

But they also meant rain, and we got plenty of it that week! Luckily we didn't have to change our plans too much because of it.  Who says you can't have fun at the beach in the rain?

While most of the week was pretty overcast, the weather was warm and we did spend some time with our toes in the sand.

And in the gorgeous ocean
But there were lots of other things to keep us entertained too.  Like the people watching, that we sometimes took to the next level, people copying.  We saw countless vacationers posing out on these rocks right in front of our beach.  They put on their swimsuits, their sexiest faces, and left their shame and towels on their chairs.  Jeremy and Jeff decided to have their own photo shoot right along side one of the many we saw.

Then Jeremy captured him showing off some of the more popular poses...yes, draped in seaweed!
And when we tired of the people watching we did some playing of our own!
We rented jet ski's and zipped all over the ocean in them.  We had so much fun jumping the waves and caught some serious air! Talk about a huge adrenaline rush!
One day Jeff and Jeremy actually did a little scuba diving right off the coast near our hotel.
Talli tried out the equipment in the hotel pool with the dive master, but decided she was going to need a little more time before giving scuba a shot in the ocean!
So we decided to order some fruity drinks with umbrellas in them and sent the guys off to play with the fish.  By the end of the week we even saw some sunshine, but to see what we did when we weren't lounging around by the water, you'll have to wait for the next post! Aye, aye, aye!

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caligirl said...

Oh my!! Just take me back now!!! We were all laughing so hard at the picture of Jeff on the rocks! Can't wait for the next few posts:-)