Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Nan!

Nan is just plain cool.   She is sassy and sarcastic. She tells it like it is.  She is quick to laugh and has a smile that starts in her eyes and lights up a room.  Nan can fit in anywhere and is a magnet for kids of all ages.  She is an incredible mom and a loyal friend.  Nan will roll with the punches and is game for just about anything.  She can do last minute and is the best co pilot on a road trip.  She is smart and fun.  She is patient and compassionate. Nan is beautiful inside and out.   I am just lucky enough to call her family.

And this year I got to spend her birthday with her. I like birthdays. I don't think they have to be spent doing anything fabulous, but certainly something enjoyable.  A deal maker or breaker in my book though, is who you spend your day with.  You have to be surrounded by the people you love and ones who you know love you right back! The rest is just icing on the cake!
Not all of Nan's peeps could be together this year, but we gathered as best we could and just enjoyed some time together.  Carter and Julia came up from Santa Barbara, and my mom and Tara and our families spent the afternoon at the kids elementary school.  
Drew was thrilled to have everyone there to watch his football game!
And Brynne was just thrilled to see Nan in Clovis!  She ran out and just plopped right into her lap!  I love watching the two of them together, it makes my heart smile.

These make my heart smile too...
After the game we endured the 100* heat for a while longer at the school carnival.  Brynne was determined to win a treat at the cake walk.  It took at least 6 times of standing in line before her number was finally called, but she would not be deterred!
It was totally worth baking on the concrete for an extra 15 minutes just to see her sweet face light up when she finally won!
That night we left the kiddos at home and had a fabulous birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.
And really how can your birthday be anything but grand when you finish the night off with a dessert like this?!

Happiest of Birthday wishes to one of my very dearest.  Love you Nancy Allen!!

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