Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Our day at Selvatica was incredible!! It was about an hour and a half away from Cancun and totally in the middle of the jungle.  It was beautiful and the staff there were so much fun!
We started off with doing some of the best ziplines I have done to date.  We zipped above the canopy of trees from tree top to tree top.

The guys kept us cracking up and the transition from one to the next was quick and seamless.
We even got to do it upside down!!  The guys started calling me "Jungle Jen"

 When our tour of the canopy was over we went to phase two of the adventure, the Razors!
They gave us the low down on operating our machines
And we were supplied us with lovely goggle and the cutest face masks so that we could pretend we were on the set of ET while we were riding.

or  perhaps it was because they wanted to make fun of how we looked in them
or maybe they just wanted us to be able to breathe and see while we were riding, I don't know...
Anyway after we were geared up we took off into the jungle!
We were like a bunch of 6 year old boys in the mud puddles
And our clothes haven't looked the same since!

 I was even glad for my super cute accessories...really, I'm smiling under there, you can't tell?
We had so much fun catching a little air on the jumps and dips in the road, and splashing through the puddles that before we finished Jeremy had determined to buy one!
We were a muddy mess when we got back.  The protective case on my camera couldn't even be wiped clean!
Next up was rinsing off at this gorgeous cenote.  They had two little zip lines on one side that you could ride into the water.
 We had a blast with that. My skills at jumping ended with a toe touch.  The guys however tried to a get a little crazy...
We swam around and tried rinsing the mud out of our hair and clothes and continued laughing with this fun group we had spent the day with.

 When we were dried off and sufficiently hungry, they brought us back to this darling hut. They fed us grilled chicken, rice and beans, chips and soda while we watched a video of our day and looked at all the pictures their photographers had taken of us while on the course.  
By the time we left we had some new facebook friends! ;)
 So for any one traveling to Cancun, don't be lured in to the "canopy adventure" at Xplore, come to Selvatica, you will not regret it, I promise!!

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Missey Selvatica said...

Hi Jen!!! I absolutely LOVE your blogspot post!!!! I wanted to invite you to our official Selvatica Blog at allaboutselvatica.blogspot.com, there I will be posting a link your blog. You will find a link to our Facebook page so you can join us for our online fun! again GREAT post & amazing pics!