Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Magic Mountain

Miss B was full of passengers making the most of the 3 hour drive to Magic Mountain when we hit a bit of a detour
One of the tires blew out, kinda like an explosion, and nothing like I have ever seen!
We stopped in pretty much the middle of nowhere at a podunk operation that miraculously carried just the kind of tire required to get us back on the road!
We found a local Home Depot and Nan and Kristie and I had a little fun, with flashbacks of our Oregon road trip back in July
Eventually we were back on the road again and everyone was all smiles

It was mid day before we arrived at the crowded park and the lines were long, but we were ready to get the fun started!
We had fun hanging out and chatting while we waited
Kristie and Jeff debated the roll of aspartame in Jeff's diet, and finally resorted to just strangling the guy
The weather couldn't have been better for us! And while the lines were long we had such a good time just hanging out together.
 Just after dinner when the park was dark, they let out all the creepers for Fright Night. They wandered sections of the park scaring the tar out of us, but for some reason Julia was always the easiest target!  She screamed, yelped, and grabbed whoever was near however she could and it was hysterical!
We waited in lines snuggled up a little closer,
took in a few more rides
and then crashed as soon as Miss B hit the road!  

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