Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy P Day

Big P little p what begins with p? Pajamas, projects and productivity all begin with p! Tree trimming, garden box making, trash dumping, folding laundry, and sweeping, don't really begin with P but they fall under the categories of productivity and projects and those begin with P. Paying bills, Planning vacations, and watering Plants, these are more P activities happening today with happy pajama wearing me!


where the wildthings grow said...

Jen, this is so cute! Love "P" Day, especially the thought of doing it in PJ's. Thank you so much for your help in Nursery! YOU WERE PERFECT! I wish everyone who comes in to help does just what you did! By the way...You are a very good snowman TALL TALL TALL! Please come in again! (PLEASE!)

justjen said...

Janey, I'm always in my pjs until my house work is done in the morning, that or my running clothes! And regarding the nursery, I have never seen it run so smoothly! I can't believe everything you have done, you make it look effortless and fun!