Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Small Things

Isn't it interesting how the small things make the BIGGEST difference? Today I got these beautiful flowers and prefectly stated card.

Inside were some fun treats, and the sweetest note.

I started thinking about how sometimes there are things we can do for ourselves that are sure to put a smile on our faces. A good run does this for me. In fact since my knee has been feeling better and I have been out running again, I will catch myself smiling from ear to ear for no reason. Today as I was running, I did a quick turn around to be sure I couldn't see anyone else on the trail with me, and then in the middle of my run, I did a cartwheeel! Ah, it felt so good!

Texas sheetcake, homemade fudge, brownies , York Peppermint Patties, a plain Hershey's bar, Golden Hostess Cupcakes, the ones that are yellow with chocolate frosting, and Red Vines can each soften the blow of a bad day.

Driving fast with my music blaring, I can't help but smile and usually start to dance at least a little in my seat.

A little retail therapy never hurts!

But usually the things that make us smile the biggest and the longest are the things that someone else does for us. Flowers in a pot, a gorgeous vase, or just picked from the side of the road, a simple note or a text, a long hug, an understanding smile, an unexpected phone call, or a sweet act of service, the message is usually the same. I was thinking about you and I stopped whatever I was doing to let you know it.

I have recieved all of these and more just recently. A BIG THANKS to all of you who have sent your messages to me in your own little ways. I am grateful for all the big and small things, the kind words and the dear frienships I am so lucky to have. They have made all the difference!
So I want to know, really I do, what small things make all the difference to you?

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