Sunday, September 13, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

Saturday marked the beginning of game season for us. It was the annual Football Carnival for all the elementary schools in our high school district. Garrett is finally old enough to play. He was pumped!
Football season started about a month ago for Wes. They started 2 weeks before school did. Garrett started football practice on the first day of school. BYU has had games on TV for the last 2 weeks. Garrett and Drew are both playing soccer as well.

Through November I will make 13 trips to various sports practices a week and watch a football game after school every Friday. Saturdays will be spent watching Drew play soccer sometime in the morning, Garrett playing soccer sometime before 3pm and Wes playing a football game sometime in between or possibly at the same time as one or both of the previous games.

When all of the games the boys are participating in are over, there will be a gathering, likely at my house, to watch the BYU game that will be recorded and ready to skip through commercials or watch a play over and over in slow motion. All of my boys will be glued to the screen. Welcome to the fall game season at the Bohn house!

Bring it on!

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