Thursday, September 24, 2009

Walk a Mile In My Skirt!

Didn't your mom always tell you not to pass judgement, that if you could just walk a mile in someone else's shoes then you'd understand?
Well I have been passing some serious judgements. It's the skirts women are running in! Yes you read that right SKIRTS!! Skirts have no business in the running world. What do you need a skirt for? Running isn't about being cute. It's sweaty and therefore sometimes stinky, do you really want to be in a skirt for that!? Is this an attempt at getting some attention?
So my sister shows up to run with me the other day IN A SKIRT!! What is going on's just WRONG! Well we had a little chat about the skirt. She convinced me I really ought to at least try one on. Yeah, yeah, whatever I will try it on but seriously there is no way I would get one.
Well let me tell you I have learned my lesson! These skirts are SO not about being cute, which i kinda think they are, but they are ALL about functionality!
These things are sooo sneaky, they are really compression shorts, spandex, or stretchy pants if you will. The most comfortable thing to run in for sure, but hello who in their right mind puts on a pair of those and thinks," yeah that looks great I'll run in those today!" ??? Only barbie dolls and professionals, and I am neither one. Therefore I wear my shorts with compression shorts underneath half of the time.
Well the smarty pants over at Nike are now hiding your stretchy pants with two flattering little panels (that don't ride up into a wedgie EVER) and have a running skirt. The most comfortable thing to run in ever and they're totally practical!
So, if you see me out on the trail running in my skirt, don't judge me until you have walked a mile in my skirt. Better yet, RUN!


Lauren said...

haha why do you think i would ONLY play tennis in high school with a skirt on? exact same thing!

Tara Rickards said...

Haha! Hey that one is cute! Where did you find it?

Steve and Cyndi said...

I love this post! You are SO funny! I too have found myself passing judgment to girls running in skirts... It didn't make any logical sense to me at all! After this post, I TOTALLY want to go out and buy a running skirt! So practical and CUTE!! :)