Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Halloween was on a Sunday and trick or treating on the sabbath just doesn't sit well with me.  On Saturday the 30th I was gone all day at the Warrior Dash.  I arrived home 30 minutes before our ward held our annual Trunk or Treat party.  This is where everyone from the church decorates the back of their car or truck and the kids run from trunk to trunk asking for treats.  This was the only event this year that the kids would be dressing up for and it just didn't seem like it was worth the hassle of making some great costume or the cost of buying one. I just told the kids to be creative and think about what they could do.  I think we were all happy with the simplicity of the end result.
Wes is too cool for school, no costume needed.
Garrett borrowed a gorilla costume from my dad.  Still not sure how he got that thing to fit...
Drew decided that he could be a BYU football player
Brynne wanted to be a BYU cheerleader.
She cheered at each trunk for her candy
Until it just got too cold! She loves her cousin Jessie and little buddy Kylie!
I think its fun to dress up and always rummage something up for myself and often for Jeff too.  This year I had nothin'!  As we were driving home from the Warrior Dash I mentioned it to Rebecca.  She told me she had a great disco outfit I could borrow.  I grabbed it from her as we dropped her off, and put it on for the first time minutes before walking out the door.  It fit, barely, but it was hysterical!  
I ended up in the adult costume contest with some of my other friends with much more fabulous costumes than mine!
Check out the face paint on the Greenlaws!  My mom commented how "pretty" Corey looked in make up!!
Jeff  had ended up costume less and I was a little surprised at his disappointment.  He was a good sport though and had fun playing with the girlies and taking Brynne around from car to car while I manned our trunk.
After we whooped it up with our friends and family at the church we went to the McCauley's annual party.  The Poulsens were in town for a few days and we had a great time hanging out with them and catching up.
Things also got a little competitive.  Somehow we ended up with wagers on wrestling matches and arm wrestling, and the men weren't even the ones doing any of the wrestling!  For the record, Haley McCauley is tough.  I beat her two years ago, and to date its her only loss.  I am certain I couldn't beat her right now.
Kristie ended up in cold water for money...AGAIN!!
While the adults got a little crazy, Brynne and the kiddos had fun getting their faces painted by Grandpa McCauley, bobbing for apples, and hanging out with the Skeleton family.
All in all it was a great night, even if it wasn't really Halloween!

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