Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Night Life

If you don't drink alcohol, (we don't) and you don't gamble, (we don't) then the night life in Aruba is pretty much non-existant.  You'll have to  make your own fun.  
We found our fun in a very creative route to Baby Beach.  You may or may not take a little road around the refinery to get there.  We still couldn't tell you.
You may or may not pass the jail, or wait was that the school, on your way.  
The maps might tell you if that road exists, but then again, they probably don't.  
You could stop and ask a local for directions, but that won't really help much either.
And when you finally make it there, your romantic little night time adventure can only last as long as your will agianst the biting bugs that may or may not be giant meat eating and blood sucking mosquitos that only come out at night.
One thing we can say for sure though, is to drive slowly, whichever roads you decide to take, because the crabs roam the roads at night.  
And if you're a crab, watch out for Rupret, he'll chase you down no matter how small you are!
He doesn't have anything else to be doing...

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