Friday, November 19, 2010

Love My Girls!

About a year ago I was asked to be the Activity Day leader for the girls in our ward from ages 8-11.  I knew I would love it, but I had no idea just how much.  The girls I work with are adorable and so much fun to be with! We meet twice a month and have a lesson or activity aimed at helping the girls develop faith, strengthen relationships, or learn new skills.  Sometimes we just get together to play and other times we have gone to an activity to support one of our class members.  I decided it's about time to share the fun I've been having with these cute girls.
This week a few of the girls and I went to watch Alli at the opening night of the school play.
 Last week I took just the older girls and went to visit one of the older ladies in the ward who we have kind of adopted.   We made her cupcakes and brought them to her for her birthday.  Sweet Sister Blackham was so touched that we thought of her.  The girls had fun being silly outside the home and then at McDonalds for sundaes afterwards.
We recently had a talent show.  The girls all brought items to display showing talents and gifts that they have.  Then they each performed something for us.  I was so amazed at the darling little skits and dances that the girls came up with.  
We had a really fun pool party at the end of the summer.
We've had nights where we all come in our jammies, and we've made jam.
The activity the girls have loved the most is the Daddy Daughter night.  It's been at my house just before Halloween both times.  The girls love the special time to be silly with their dads.  This year we carved pumpkins, and did lots of little competitions.  I was laughing all over again when I picked up prints of the pictures at Costco yesterday.

Regardless of what we do with these girls it is always a good time!

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