Thursday, November 11, 2010

Natural Pools

One half of the Aruban coastline is covered in powdery white sand and the waters are still.  It seems more like a lake than the ocean.  This is where the hotels have set up shop, and little straw huts dot the beaches.  
The other half has boulders and cliffs.  The waves crash against the rocks.  This is the side where the natural bridge is that we visited earlier in the week.  Just a few miles further north there is another little wonder of the island.  

 Friday when we finally made our way back to the pools, the skies were stormy and the waters were rougher than usual.  
 The area was so beautiful but the landscape was such a contrast to the area where we spent much of the week.  Rocks jutted out of the ocean and the waves crashed all around us.
We explored the area,

 enjoyed the people watching,

and had some good laughs!
This site definitely makes the must see list in Aruba!

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