Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let the Good Times Bounce

Family night with friends started with treats at the Greenlaws and ended with a bounce at Skywalk last night!  Brynne proudly went up to the counter and let the workers know that she knew Case Lawrence the owner of the place.  Already trying to work her connections, but honestly it never hurts! A phone call from one friend to another and next thing you know this whole crew was let in for an after hours good time!
The foam pit is super forgiving when you over rotate on your flips, but climbing out is another story all together!  
 We bounced, flipped, swiveled, danced, and rolled across the mats.
 It was exhausting, and holding on to Shelley's darling grandson was a fabulous excuse to take a breather.
 The kids enjoyed it almost as much as the adults did, and Kirsten showed us all her tricks! For the record we went 1-1 on our butt wars, definitely gonna need a rematch!
Kim had some sweet moves on the trampoline.  Just ask her to show you her swivel hips!
Bryan was just finishing a 4 day road trip moving from Florida and he still stayed and played for a while!  Little Busty (McKay) was a trooper in spite of the late night.
The teenagers were crazy and so entertaining to watch!
I just adore these guys!
LizaJayne held her own with this crazy crew
  Our favorite BFF's got in some good bonding moments and sweaty hugs.
Some little boys never grow up, and we are totally fine with that!
In the middle of the stresses and messes and craziness that come with the holiday season, it was so nice to get out and be silly with a big group of some of my favorite people! Let the good times bounce!

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