Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One More Down And One To Go!

A few weeks ago I got to go with Drew to the Mother Son Dance.  I always love this fun night out with my boys.  With Garrett and Drew in Jr High and High School this year it was just Drew and I.  I took him out to find something to wear to the neon/80's themed dance.  We had fun shopping together and he was thrilled with his purchase.  I was lucky Carter has a thing for bright green and I could wear a Klutch T instead of shopping for something I'd never wear again!
Drew was so cute and told me he'd rather just have alone time with me than go out to dinner with a big group of his friends. So we had a great dinner from Doghouse Grill and headed over to the dance party.  The glow in the dark necklaces and mouth pieces were all the rage with the kids.
The moms loved all the 80's music!!
They even played 80's music videos on a big screen during the dance that had us all cracking up.
I loved having a night out with my little love bug.  He is such a sweet and tender kid with a witty sense of humor.  He is constantly surprising me with his hilarious take on just about everything.  Next year Drew will be in 6th grade in it will be the last of these mother son dances for us and I have to say I will miss it!

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