Monday, December 5, 2011

Run Away

Some mornings I just want to sleep, and others I just want to run away!
When I decided to forgo the sleep two weeks ago and came out to Millerton Lake with Kristie, Rebecca and a few of Kristies friends, I was in for a treat!
We ran 6 miles along a trail that followed the waters edge as the sun was just coming up. It was gorgeous!
I kept wishing I had my camera to take pictures of what I was taking in.  Rebecca pulled out her phone for a few shots so this is what I've got.
Six of us rode up together in Robin's car, but we met up with about 25 other people from a running group.  It was so awesome to see such a big group of people out just enjoying a morning run, but what I really wished was that they were all "my" people.
Kristie had wished the same thing, only this last Saturday, she made it happen.  She invited 20 or so of her friends to come and run the trail again.  Tara and Jason volunteered to drive us all out in the bus.
It was much colder and darker than last week, but it was seriously so much fun!! Everyone ran at their own pace and everyone ran different distances, anywhere from 6-10.5 miles, but it was just so cool having such a big crew out there!  
    Marlon brought a huge box of the sweetest tangerines to share with us when the run was over. We all just munched and visited before heading back in to town.
 These ladies ran 8 miles with me on Saturday and next week I'm going back for more.  Yes we started at o'dark thirty, and yes it really was as cold as it looks, but it was more than worth it.  Doesn't matter how far you wanna go or how fast you do it.  Come with us next week and we'll show you just how fun it is to run away!


haley said...

Ok, I'm starting to feel inspired! Every time I get that text I think, "There's not a chance!" but maybe I'll have to see what it's all about:)

justjen said...

Haley you've gotta come, but I'm warning you now...its addictive ;)

Tawna said...

Okay...I'm on my way. Get ready for me! :)