Monday, January 28, 2013

Dashed Hopes

I have several posts still to do before I feel caught up. I even have a few in the que almost ready to go, but I decided this one was of the utmost import.  The Hostess union workers had no idea what kind of power they really had.  Not only were they successful in putting thousands out of work and shutting the doors of a huge business, an american institution,  changing the landscape of minimarts across the globe, they have even made the Twinkie a high priced hot commodity on ebay.  As for me, I still have not recovered from the loss.  
The zingers and chocolate cupcakes were always sure to get me through a rough day.  The pies always brought me back to my childhood.  They were good for anytime of the day, I even know people who ate them for breakfast!  But probably the thing I miss the most are those little white powdered donuts...I used to buy them by the bag.  Those babies were a mess, but they practically melted in your mouth!  Imagine the joy I felt on a recent road trip, as I glanced over at the Hostess racks out of habit,  to see that they were actually filled!  Mrs Freshley's has stepped up and is making generic versions of all our Hostess favorites.  I bought my powdered donuts and almost bounced back to my car I was so happy.  Even took the above picture. I was having a moment.  But friends, I'm here to save you from bitter disappointment.  They're nowhere near as good.  Not even half! I'm not even going to try the rest of the line.  Maybe Little Debbies can fill the bill... I wonder how those union members are feeling about all that power now! I hope they're missing their twinkies too!

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