Thursday, January 3, 2013

So Thankful

Thanksgiving 2012
So thankful we weren't hosting the holiday at my moms
Thankful Debbie and Melissa had everything beautifully set 
So thankful I can function on zero sleep and had enough energy to make rolls at 7:30 am after driving all the way through the night. Even more thankful that my mom was there to help me to do it.
Thankful for a son so willing to step up and help out with anything and everything
 Thankful for cute cousins for my girl to play with
 Thankful my uncle Steve married such an awesome lady and that her niece could join us and provide a lively conversation without anyone taking offense.
 Thankful to have a little time with my cousin Nicole and her family who I don't get to see enough
Thankful that this guy can keep me laughing no matter how tired I am
So thankful that one of my siblings was able to join us this year
Thankful for pre meal snitching 
Thankful Steve was up for carving the bird
Thankful for a great meal with people I love
So thankful SOMEBODY got to enjoy olive finger tips, cause I'm way too old to get away with that anymore!
Thankful little miss ate every single thing on her plate
So incredibly thankful that I can sleep anywhere and through anything.  A well lit room, a football game on TV, a son on the piano and a house full of family couldn't stop me from catching up on a few hours of sleep after dinner.
Thankful that Debbie was kind enough to invite all of us to her home to celebrate
 Thankful my sweet cousin was happy to read and play with Brynne while I slept
 Thankful Jeff was able to sneak away from the Sacramento Hmong New Years Celebration in time to eat with us.
So thankful for arriving safely, good food, a warm home, and the best family. Thankful for the abundance I have to be grateful for.

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