Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eskimo Mamas!

Last friday a few of us mom's snuck away to ski while the kids were in school
It was snowing when I went to sleep the night before, so I was excited to check China Peaks web site as soon as I woke up.  I could't believe what I saw.  Just 2" of snow and freezing cold temps!!  So cold in fact, that one of the moms opted out!
The lure of the fresh snow was enough to convince the rest of us to stick to our plans, however knowing just how cold it was going to be, we made our way up the mountain in a very leisurely fashion. We stopped for breakfast burritos, hot chocolate and made our traditional stop at Shaver Lake Sports for cinnamon bears. 
  When we finally arrived the sun was out for a while, but it quickly disappeared behind the clouds that rolled in.  I am certain I have never skied in colder conditions!
We were happy to snuggle up a bit on the chair lifts!

I had loaned Kirsten and Maureen a few extra layers and warmers for their face and necks.  I couldn't have imagined skiing with out them! 
 We were so well covered, that if we didn't know what each other were wearing, there's no way any of us would have been recognizable! 
Haley shrugged down into her jacket so that it covered most of her face as she made her way down the runs.  She looked like a cute little Eskimo mama!
It was such a nice break to thaw out in the lodge after a few hours of skiing for lunch.  It was so toasty in there that it seemed a little silly layering all the way back up before we went out again.
Kirsten is still recovering from bronchitis, and likely a cracked rib and after a few more runs she was done.  My mom went out with Maureen who was on her second ever ski day for just one last trip down Academy.  Haley and I tried to cram in as many runs as we could without making the group wait on us.
 Even the snow coming down didn't discourage us. We both just pulled our furry hoods over our helmet and beanies and enjoyed the powder!
 By the time we left we were a bunch of walking popsicles, but we were all still wearing our smiles!
Nothin like a cup of hot chocolate and a long car ride with friends to warm us back up again!  Another day well spent at China Peak with the friends!

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