Thursday, January 17, 2013

P is for Party, A is for Alright...

This year I barely squeaked through the Christmas season. Not all of the decor made it out of boxes, no cards went out, and all of the shopping happened the week before.  My annual Christmas party was a no go as well. That is until my sister decided to come to town.  
She insisted I'd feel better if I spent some time with friends.  It didn't matter that it was thrown together at the last minute, or that so many of my favorite people weren't going to be able to make it. The party just needed to happen, and so it did. And whaddaya know, my sister was right!
Just having Tara and Jason back home for a few days put the smile back on my face, and the timing couldn't have been any better!
A night with these lovley ladies was just what I needed to boost my spirits. 
My house was aglow with christmas lights and candles. The smells of warm food fresh out of the oven   lingered in the air.  The buzz of laughter and chatter were all around me.
My heart felt lighter than it had in a couple of months as I was enveloped in that familiar comfort of being with good friends
These friendships are ones that have lasted through the years. Mike and Emily have been friends since before I was married.  
Corey and Kirsten have been in our ward most of my married life except for when we each served in Pioneer Park.
I met Jason when I was 14 and I love that my sister is married to such a fabulous man!

 I met Josh days after he came home from his mission and Tiffany at the end of my senior year in high school.  Jeff and I were married just 3 days after they were.  Chris and I have been friends since Wes was baby.  Having all of these people together for a fun night is always a highlight of my Christmas season, and I was so glad Tara had pushed me to do it.  
I was even more grateful when we started opening the white elephant gifts!  We have been doing this for so many years, (I think this was year 9!) it seems like it gets harder and harder to come up with fresh ideas.  But I think this years gifts may be some of the most creative I have seen yet!  The Remingtons opened a Thug life starter kit complete with wife beater tanks, tattoo sleeve, and a do rag!
Natalie our traveling doll was on Maternity leave last year but was back again with a wee one in tow.  Rod really tried to convince Alison to open another gift but you can see how that worked out, they're hosting Natalie for a second time this year!
About twenty boxes of movie candy were in the New Years Resolution Relief kit
Jason literally had a ball while we shot baskets into his new hoop hat
This white trash gift basket came in a bowl covered in Fruit of the Loom tighty whities and consisted of Mason jar goblets with Kool Aid packets, pork rinds, Slim Jims, and the National Enquirer
Tiffany got a pair of pink flamingo lawn decorations
I opened a set of lovely wood totems adorned with feathers.  
The Soldani's hit the jackpot with a garden gnome that whistles at anything that passes by!  
We laughed til we cried playing Reverse Charades but I still can't figure out how the guys won the game by such a huge margin!  We may need a rematch...
P is for Party and we definitely had one
A is for alright. It may have taken some convincing but I'm grateful for the nudge
R is for ready.  Just goes to show that all you really need to be ready for a good party, are great friends.
T is for tonight.  With just a weeks notice and only a few days before Christmas I somehow pulled it off!
Y is for you cause you know what to do... I guess I did know what to do I just didn't know if I was really up for it.  Thank goodness for little sisters and amazing friends! 

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