Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Miss Clause Came to Town!

You'll be shocked to hear that Brynne had some strong opinions about her costume for her winter dance showcase!
She insisted she wanted an outfit that looked like Mrs. Clause.  She wanted red velvet and white fur.  
I had been to almost every store in town and nothing matched the image in her head.  
 All of the outfits we could find online looked more like something you would find in a Playboy magazine. It was disturbing,  and I was so tired of looking.  
She convinced Jeff to take her out in search of her outfit one last time.  I sent them to the only store I hadn't been to yet and they struck Mrs Clause gold!! 
I found cute fur trimmed socks and a scarf. She insisted on the white ballet slippers instead of black and a sequined santa hat and the ensemble was complete.  
And when it was time to hook up with the girls in her class center stage, she had all the confidence in the world!
She snapped with sass,
proudly pouted,
shimmied with a smile,
raised the roof,
posed pretty,
and stretched those limber little legs!
She latched on to her brothers like a little monkey when she had finished.
And basked in the attention from the older girls.  At one point she had a group of five or six of the girls Garrett's age all surrounding her and she was in heaven!

She and our latest helper Diana had become very close and have the sweetest relationship.  Brynne was probably happiest that she had come to see her.  Brynne had been talking to her all about the outfit and recital for weeks!
And a dance recital wouldn't be the same without a picture of Brynne and her favorite friend in the whole wide world, Clara.

They weren't in the same class this last year and it really had Brynne bummed out. I think Clara must have taught Brynne her dance routine because I saw Brynne doing all the moves along with Clara as she watched from the sidelines.  
What she lacks in size she certainly makes up for in spunk!  I adore my Miss Clause!

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