Monday, October 20, 2014

More from Paradise

As I was out on my morning run I stopped quickly to take a picture of the little pathway the I was running on the the gorgeous beach that was quickly filling up.  Ahhh I really love it here!
We had gotten the kids off early to ride jet skis out in the ocean, the second of their chosen activities. I was surprised that they all had decided on the same things. Kite surfing and a sunrise bike ride down the volcano were tight in the running, but the jet skiing won out.  
When I came in from my run I found we had two injured kids!  Lindsey was just a few months recovering from knee surgery and all the impact on her knee had it a bit swollen and pretty sore
And Garrett had a very sprained ankle. It had swelled up to the size of a softball.  But ask him how it happened and the kids face broke out into the hugest grin so typical of this boy.  It was his first time driving a jet ski ever, and here he was driving over huge waves in the ocean.  Crazy kid decided he'd try to do a barrel roll on the dang thing and poor Drew was riding behind him as passenger! Naturally they completely crashed and somehow his ankle got mangled in the process but they both swore it was super fun!  
With two of the four big kids a bit broken we spent the next couple of days  just hanging out around the pool at the resort.
I'm certain Brynne is part fish with how much that little girl loves to swim
Cute Izzie was always so sweet helping Brynne with her goggles and making sure she wasn't too tired out.  
We bought the two little girls inner tubes that got plenty of use all week long!
 We played hours of volleyball in the pool
Little Drew is money with his serve and helped our team win a couple of matches.
And right next to the volleyball net is this cute little kids pirate ship and play area!
Every once in a while Brynne would get a bit tuckered out and climb up onto my lap and curl up for a bit.  I loved every minute of it.
If my lap wasn't occupied then I couldn't go too long with out having a face pop up into mine kinda like this!
 Or I 'd have a cute man child climb up onto the end of my chair giving me the single eyebrow raise as to what was on the agenda next.
As usual, Drew kept us entertained. This time by randomly joining a yoga class mid session in front of another hotel
Or by being thrown into the the pool by Garrett fully dressed.
Really though it didn't matter what we were up to how can you not be having a good time in a setting like this?
 One morning the boys gut up and tried a bit of surfing.  
 The waves hadn't been good all week so the going was rough, but I thought they looked good out there regardless
 Most evenings we found Izzie and Brynne curled up together completely spent from the sun and swimming for hours on end
 With so many of us we found it was much easier and considerably lighter on the wallet to take advantage of the grills out by the pool at the resort. Every night we grilled up steak, burgers, fish or chicken and had fresh fruits for dinner. 
With limited seating we had to get a little creative to accommodate all 8 of us!
This was typically our view over dinner. Yes it was VERY hard to come back home!

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Tawna said...

Jen--looks like it was amazing vacation! And how fun that you guys got to share all of those fun adventures together! Sheesh. Appreciating beauty and things the world has to offer. And those crazy boys of oh my how I'd have a heart-attack. haha. Love their sense of adventure and zest to life and all they do.