Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Resort Day

After all the driving and exploring of the previous day, we woke up Monday feeling a little lazy
We decided it was a good day to stick around the resort and enjoy our little home for the week
The pools there are gorgeous but we found ourselves usually pretty close the the end by the volleyball net
We made lots of new friends and all of us spent time playing in countless matches
The girls liked it because the cute little pool area with sand a beached entry complete with pirate ship was right next to the volleyball pool
Toward the end of the day we wandered down to the infamous black rock. The boys did their fair share of jumping but we all had a great time just floating around in the waves with  a couple of sea turtles that kept swimming around our legs!
Four days in and our noses and cheeks were a little worse for the wear
not enough to keep us of of the sun and sand all together though
I loved all the time with the kids just enjoying each others company and all the laugher
I loved that Brynne was actually willing to get into the water a bit.  
She has a thing about the lake water being dirty and refuses to go in and the beaches at home are so much cooler so I wasn't sure how she'd deal with the Hawaiian beaches. I should have known no one can really resist them!
We were all happy to have Lindsey join our fun but probably no one was quite as happy about it as Wes <3 p="">
I love my Gare Bear.  He may be a big teenage boy but the kid still come to me daily for good hugs and  loves snapping pics with his mom. His poses my leave a little to be desired, but still I'm feel in the love!
The one thing Brynne begged to do on a daily basis though was hit the shops. Whether it was in town or just at the Whalers Village it didn't matter, that girl loves to shop! I think we wore these guys out by the end of the night.
Not that anyone was complaining though. Jeff made sure all of us purchased a few fun things before the night was through. Good quality family shopping time never made this girl mad!

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