Monday, October 20, 2014

Parasailing Over Maui

Everyone knows what teenagers are like when you wake them up early, but its even worse when you wake them early while on vacation.
These were my kids as we rode the elevator early one morning to catch the available time slot for parasailing along the beach in Kanapali.
They were a little more alert by the time we arrived at the designated spot on the beach
I sent them off onto the boat after paying for their tickets and set off on my morning run
Awhile later I spotted Garrett and Drew up in the air from the shore and snapped this picture just as they were going up!
The photographer on board caught the rest of the pics from the boat.
 Their smiles were even bigger when they got off the boat than just before going up
 We had signed them up for a new extended height to be pulled from
They were literally soaring in the skies

 I love the images captured where the kids are looking at each other or you can glimpse a bit of the excitement.  Being that high up truly is a thrill!
With all of the options for adventure we could find on the island we told the kids they could each pick two big things they wanted to do. None of them regretted choosing parasailing over Maui as one of their options.  I am grateful for the opportunity to give them these experiences and for shared experiences they have with each other.  This was definitely a highlight of the week!

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