Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Twin Falls

Along the Road to Hana there was a stop we wanted to make but ran out of day light.  We determined to come back later in the week.
Twin Falls is just a couple of miles in on the Road to Hana and from the highway just looks like a mere fruit stand with a gravel parking lot.
 If you know better you take advantage of the parking lot and follow the trail along side the fruit stand and walk a couple of miles along a wide gravel road until you come to the first swimming hole and water fall.
 Many explorers only make it that far and still the journey is worth it but if you follow along the river for another quarter of a mile there is another swimming hole and waterfall even bigger and better!
It looks like something from a story book with all the tree roots and greenery around!
We stuck around here and swam for a bit but knew there were even more places to explore further along.
We hiked through the jungle on a fairly easy to follow trail and made our way over to the second river that flows through the area 
Just as gorgeous as the first with several falls of it's own
The boys practiced their flips at the next swimming hole
And had fun climbing the crazy trees growing at the edge of the pool

There were several good places to jump from and Garrett took full advantage of them all in spite of the brace he was still wearing on his ankle
Drew followed in his every footstep
Definitely a great spot and easy hike for a family and can easily make a day of it
Twin falls had way more than two falls worth mentioning and plenty of fun for all!

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