Monday, October 27, 2008

Heidelberg Germany

Heidelberg Germany
October 11th 2008

Our last day of sight seeing in Germany was our road trip back up to Frankfurt. One of the most beautiful cities is Heidelberg.
We went up to the old castle on the hill and could have wandered for hours.
The grounds are beautiful.
At one point their enemies filled the insides of the turrets with black powder and blew them up from the inside out. It is quite a sight now years later with all the greenery filling in around it.
There is very little left of the insides of the castle. What was left and the stories told of the castle in its heyday and its occupants were fascinating. Below is a picture of what it looked like in all it's glory. Following that is what is left of it now.

We had such a great time in this busy university town. Great shopping and food and the best downtown area for people watching. The day was bittersweet as we knew it was our last.

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