Monday, October 27, 2008

Ward Fun

Our ward party this week made all of us realize just how close halloween really is, how grown up our kids are getting and how some kids never grow up.
Brynne was so thrilled to be a Fairy with wings and a wand.

Here she is with her little friend Mae Mae. Two little princesses who we have pictures of every year together!

These guys have pictures every year together too. As babies they were both pumpkins, and now 7 years later they both happened to be dragon slayers. Probably because it was one of the few costumes Target had left that looked scary enough for Drews demands and got meout of trying to whip up somthing creative.

You will notice that there are no pictures of my older two kids as they have decided they are a bit grown up for all this dressing up stuff.
As for Jeff and Rod...
We have no expectations for these two to ever grow up.

And Reed, well, not even Shelley knows what to expect next from him! This little project was all his, but it was the biggest hit of the night with all of the kids. Especially little Jackson, who wanted nothing more to enter the back of Reed's rig with the strobe lights, music, and mechanical kicking legs! Good times were had by all. Especially at our little dinner outing afterwards! Thanks for the good times friends!

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