Friday, January 22, 2010

Flashback Friday

Flashback Fridays should be fun. I'll post some old pictures and take you on a stroll down my memory lane. I'm hoping this will keep me progressing through the stacks of photos I need to scan into the computer and get some journaling done along the way.

Since today is Tara's birthday I thought I'd share some old pics of the two of us. We are just two years apart and have been hanging out for as long as I can remember!

Here we are with Tara just a few weeks old

I love this one! Both of us are clearly having a great time and the tongue out of the side of Tara's mouth is awesome, but what I love is that while Tara's arms are high in the air, one of them is wrapped around mine for a bit of support.

Love ya little sister! Happy Birthday!

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Tawna said...

Look how stinkin' cute you two are! I love it. Looks like you like eachother or somethin'. :)