Sunday, January 24, 2010

So Close...

Saturday was gorgeous so we decided we'd head up the hill to Sierra Summit with some friends. The boys had been begging to snow board and I have been wanting to learn how to ski. This was going to be my day.
We were all so excited as we drove up and saw just how much snow covered everything in sight.

I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures out the window of the car
When we were within 2 miles of our destination we started seeing car loads of people in their gear coming back down the mountain and motioning for us to turn around. My sister was a little ways ahead of us and when we saw them heading back they delivered the bad news.

All the parking lots were full and they were no longer selling lift tickets. Sierra Summit was sold out! I have never heard of such a thing! We were so close, and now so disappointed. Luckily we were able to get a refund on our rentals and the McCauley's had us all back to the cabin for some sledding.

We ended up having a great time throwing snow at each other,

Garrett was so sneaky getting us from the deck while we least expected it,

Haley and her girls made giant snow balls
Tara and Jason took it all in looking like they should be on a magazine cover
Wes found a spot to take his board down a few times

Next time if we get up even earlier, and rent our gear the night before, maybe I'll finally get my chance to ski.

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