Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Say it Aint So!

You really won't believe what I'm doing today... I'm serious, you won't. In fact I can hardly believe it myself! I am doing NOTHING...and I am relishing in it!

Move over Miss Piggy there's a new pig in town, and when I do anything I don't do it half way! Last night I showered after closing the gym down. I left my naturally curly/wavy/bumpy hair wet and slept on it. It is now dry and messy and all over the place. I put on a pair of cozy striped pajama capris and a thick hot pink thermal henley, I'm still wearing this ensamble. My cozy fleece sheets and and chenille blanket are messy and unmade on my bed with a notebook and magazine still resting by my pillow. The curtains are still closed like they were when I rolled out of be at 10:30 this morning.

My usual routine of making unmade beds, and opening blinds, gathering of laundry and general tidying of the house that it always so desperately needs once everyone has cleared out in the mornings, you know the stuff I'm talking about, well it's all still undone. I dont even remember the last time I just left it all like this. Not even when I'm sick and in bed all day do I leave ANY of these things undone.

There has been so much going on throughout the holidays with company in from out of town, places to be and things to plan. Every day has been jam packed with stuff. Today there is not one single place I absolutely must be. All of my laundry minus the stuff probably on the kids floors (the truth is I don't dare look because then I will feel compelled to do something about it) is done, dinner is in the crock pot, family is all gone home, and there is nothing that can not wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have appointments at the Apple store, with my orthodontist, visiting teaching, and a photo shoot, in addition to just being the mom of my four busy children. I have a baby shower to plan, and the year of upcoming activities for my calling to decide on, Brynnes room still begging to be decorated with all the fabric and nick knacks I've purchased, and a book to read by next week before book club.

But today, I have been on the computer, reading, editing pictures, day dreaming, and relishing in every piggy moment of it. Eat your heart out Miss Piggy!


Carie said...

Good for you! You deserve it.

(hilarious post by the way, I love the Miss Piggy picture.)

where the wildthings grow said...

Amazing! So glad you tried something new today! What book are you reading this week? I need ideas!