Friday, January 15, 2010

Tender Moments

I wish that I could articulate just how felt as I stood in the middle of this field. The sun was low in the sky, and the grass was bright green, soft and wet. Everyone had finally showered and gotten cleaned up to take family pictures of the "Whole Hurd". The kids were still glowing with excitement over the Christmas gifts they had opened that morning.

So there were all of my kids, fresh and clean, and as happy as any kid could ever be, running all around the field determined to catch a newborn lamb. They were much faster than you might think. The boys' cheeks were pink with the exertion, and their laughter filled the air. Their eyes shone with pride as they carried these three back for the little ones to pet.
As my kids loved on these lambs so small and sweet, all of them so innocent, my heart swelled.
There was something so tender about the whole scene, the beauty of all of it was simple and amazing.
Everything felt fresh and new.

With everyone so happy and excited we thought we'd take advantage of the moment and snap a few more pictures of the family.

Even now as I look at these pictures my heart is tender. I just can't pin point what it was about this day, these moments that touched me so much. Maybe it was just the joys of a parent seeing my kids so happy and well. Maybe it was the miracle of the newborn lambs romping around in the grass. Maybe it was the beautly of the setting. I just keep thinking of how vibrant all the colors were and how fresh everything felt. Regardless though, of just what made these moments so special for me, I know they are moments I won't soon forget.

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Tawna said...

So sweet. There really is something about baby lambs that is just so precious. I loved reading about just how happy the kids were. You decribed it in a way that made it so I could just picture it. Felt like I was back in England..:). Thank you for sharing this. Great pics too!