Monday, August 16, 2010

Finders Keepers...

For 8 days we watched and waited for someone to come and claim the massive towable sitting on the shore of Bass Lake at the beach where we spent our days.  It was the highly desirable HO Molecule. Sold out at many stores, and with a hefty price tag of up to $500.   It was faded by the sun, but still fully inflated.  There was a tear from one end to the other on the outside cover.  Nothing a burley upholstry machine couldn't handle.
As we loaded and unloaded kids from the boat to the beach Jason and I looked longinly at it.  No one at the beach knew who it belonged to, and those who had arrived before us had seen it sitting there long before we came.  For all intents and purposes it was broken and abandoned.  On our last night at the lake, when we were all sleepy and more than a little silly, someone suggested we go get the molecule from the beach.  We giggled and laughed and hopped into the car.
We laughed even harder but much more quietly as we caught ourselves tip toeing over to where it was.  Jeff, who had not been with us all week,  kept asking, "Are you absolutely sure its abandoned?   Would any reasonable person believe it's abandoned?"  We were all adamant in assuring him that yes, it was without a doubt abandoned, but still wanted to carry out our mission in stealth mode.  We snickered and giggled as we laid across it to let the air out and then quickly shoved it into the back of the Rickard's car.
We arrived back into camp and proudly showed off our aquisition.  Just as the last of the pictures were being taken, two headlights started heading into camp.  Without a second thought, Jason and I grabbed the Molecule and scrambled into the bushes like a couple of kids caught with our hands in the cookie jar.
Yes, absolutley it was abandoned.  Tara and Jeff laughed at us as my cousin Rebecca and her husband Pete stepped out of their car after a long day at Yosemite.  Jay and I just looked at eachother and shrugged.  Still resolved that any reasonable person would believe that it was abandoned, but now feeling a bit foolish for hiding in the bushes.  Especially when we realized that the tube had slipped out of the cover,  as we had headed for the hills.
$65 and 3 days later, we had ourselves the most fun towable around.  The adventure of the aquisition was half of the fun, but what do you think? Should we have left it there on the shore, and if so would it still be there?  My concience is clear.  Finders keepers, loosers weepers!

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Tara Rickards said...

Ha! I love it! It's always more fun if you tip toe and be sneaky!! That was such a fun night!