Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Momma Always Said...

"If your friends jumped off a cliff would you?" Come on, admit it, your mom said it to you too!   The obvious and correct answer was always no.  
Not long ago I turned that one on it's head, when my friend Kerri and I took our kids up to Dinky Creek to meet another friend who was staying there for the week.  The activity of choice was cliff jumping into the icy cold creek!   
This mom actually said,"Your friends and brothers are doing it, why don't you?!" Actually it didn't take much convincing at all, although I did capture a few nervous faces before they made the plunge.  
The younger boys started out small and then got a little braver.
The older boys just went straight to the top.  
Little Drew has no fear!
How refreshing it was to leave the heat of the valley and head to this beautiful place for a bit of daring fun!

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