Saturday, August 28, 2010

Invincible or Not!

I like to think that I am invincible.  I like to think there is nothing I can't do.  I even think I'm pretty tough most of the time.  Maybe in my head I think I'm a bit like Wonder Woman...
As you can imagine, this kind of thinking can sometimes get me into trouble.  Sometimes it just shows how truly brainless I can be.  One such occurrence happened this week.  Here is the simple equation.  This
Plus an empty lake smooth as glass,
plus a bit of my wonder woman complex, equaled a sprained knee. Trying to take advantage of the great water conditions at the lake wouldn't have been quite so stupid if this...
wasn't in just 5 weeks! While I did finish it last year, I didn't get to RUN it.  The doctor says its just strained ligaments, that I should be able to run again soon.  I say it's just time wasted on my couch icing my knee  instead of training like I should be.  Nope, no Wonder Woman here, just your average brainless scarecrow!

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GREENLAW said...

those are great pics! :) here's hoping that it heals VERY quickly!!! (and be careful you!!!)