Sunday, August 1, 2010


It has been called the happiest place on earth, and on July 22 when the youth and several families from our ward invaded Disneyland, that was definitely the case!
We laughed and danced our way through the long lines, starting with Space Mountain!
We took silly pictures

And we took the traditional pictures...
Never have I screamed as much on a ride, as I did my first time on Tower of Terror.  The veteran riders, Shelley, Kylie and Garrett were happily screaming and laughing as our picture was taken.  Drew and I are the newbies here and you can see it on our faces.  I had to just sit and catch my breath after the ride was over .  Whew, but what a blast!!
My favorite ride for screaming remains California Screamin'.  We all looked more than a little wind blown after that one!
Some people even let out a little scream as we passed by this tough lookin' cat in Tarzan's tree house!
After all the excitement of Indiana Jones we were ready for a  little down time on Mark Twain's Steamboat.
When there was just time for one last ride for the night, we decided to make a final attempt to get onto the  Grizzly River Run.  We missed the heat of the day for this one because of maintenance and then exceedingly long lines.  We decided the ponchos sold at the gift shop were going to be a necessity.
We lucked out!  The lines were short and we made it on twice!  Our $6 ponchos however didn't keep us entirely dry!
We went home that night wet, tired and deliriously happy!   What a day at the Happiest Place on Earth!


Heather Van Wagenen said...

These pictures are so cute!! I love it! How fun! :)

Lauren(: said...

bahaha I'm kinda in love with that space mountain picture and the one of kylie at the bottom!